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Finishing Characteristics of Common Cabinet Woods

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Sam Allen is one of the top woodworking authors. His site features his books and related tools.  It also includes a free plan exchange, a project gallery and a woodworker's dictionary. Books Cover: Woodworking, tools, kitchens, carpentry, hobby woodworking, workbench, finishing, cabinetmaking, plans, cabinets,Wood Finishing, Woodworking Tools, Power tools, Joinery, and Woodturning.

Add the most value to your home, easier and cheaper than ever. This photo-filled step-by-step handbook shows how to use ordinary tools, expert carpentry tips, and tricks of the trade to make dramatic changes in your kitchen. " This book is special...a definitely useful guide." -- Booklist. " Lots of ideas make this easy-to-read book a valuable resource." -- Home Mechanix. 128 pages, 166 b/w illus.

Fix drawers that stick and doors that won't stay closed Add country charm to your entire kitchen by giving your cabinets a facelift Double your storage space with a new set of shelves or an extra set of cabinets.

It's the quickest way to add the most value to your home: remodelling and updating your kitchen cabinets. And, now, it's easier and cheaper than ever to do it yourself with this valuable, practical, step-by-step guide.
Sam Allen shows you how to do everything from simple repairs (like doors that sag and drawers that catch) and eye-catching updates (like new fronts on existing doors) to the complete replacement of cabinets and sinks. Using ordinary tools, and these easy to-follow instructions and expert carpentry tips, you can make your kitchen more beautiful, efficient, and marketable for nearly one-third less than it would cost to contract the work out.


1 Repairs 11
2 Decorative Treatments 28
3 Plastic Laminate 43
4 New Doors and Drawer Fronts 51
5 New Hardware 80
6 Shelves 92
7 Drawers 96
8 Structural Changes 103
9 A Typical Remodelling Project 110



Applied moulding, 8
Balance sheet, 45
Bevelling , 67-69
Bit, panel raising, 68
Broken joints, 23-25
Buckled face plies, 25
Cane-covered panel, 65-67
Cane panelling, 34-38
Carbide scoring knife, 45
Catches, new, installing of 91
Catches, repair of 13-15
Caulk, 77
Chisel 103-105
Coped joints, 60
Coping rail ends, 62
Cutting down cabinet, 103-109
Dado blade , 29
Decorative treatments
cane panelling , 34-38
cut designs, 28-34
mouldings , 39-42
Delaminated plies, 25
Demolition , 103-109,111-113
Doors, glazed, 74-77
Doors, panel, 57-73
Doors, particle-board or plywood , 51-57
Dovetail joints, 20
Drawer fronts, making, 77-78
Drawer fronts, types of construction, 19-22
Drawer guides, repair of 15-22
Drawer pulls, 80-86
Drawers, construction of 96-102
Edge treatments, for plywood or particle-board doors, 53-57
End panels, making, 78-79
Face frames, making, 78-79
Face frames, plastic laminate for, 49-50
Flush doors, 51-52
Flush doors, moulding for , 41
Flush doors, plastic laminate for, 43
Glazed doors, 74-77
Glue, removal, 50
Groove cutting, 65
Hammer, 104
Hardware, new, catches, 91
Hardware, new, hinges, 86-90
Hardware, new, pulls, 80-86
Hinges, 14-15
Hinges, installing new, 86-90
Hinges, repair of 11-13
Joints, broken, 23-25
Joints, coped, 60
Joints, dovetail, 20
Knife, carbide scoring, 45
Lipped doors, 52-53, 55
Lipped doors, moulding for, 41
Lipped doors, new hinges for, 87-88
Lipped doors, plastic laminate for, 43
Metal drawer guides, installation of 16-19
Modifying cabinet construction, 103-109
Moulding, 39-42
Moulding, applied, 8
Moulding, plastic T 57
Nailing strip, 108-109, 116
Nail set, 104-105
Overlay doors, 52, 55
Overlay doors, moulding for, 41
Overlay doors, new hinges for, 88-90
Panel doors, bevelled, 67-69
Panel doors, broken joints in, 23-25
Panel doors, router used in making raised panel, 60-69
Panel doors, table saw used for 69-73
Particle-board doors, 51-57
Plastic drawer guides, installation of 15-17
Plastic laminate, 9
Plastic laminate, application of 43-50
Plastic laminate, thickness of 43
Plastic T moulding, 57
Plies, buckled face, 25
Plies, delaminated, 25
Plywood doors, 51-57
Pry bar, 104, 105
Pulls, 80-86
Raised panel, 58
Remodelling project, typical, 110-124
Repairs, broken joints, 23-25
Repairs, catches, 13-15
Repairs, drawer guides, 15-22
Repairs, hinges, 11-13
Repairs, water damage, 25-27
Replacement of shelf, 25-27
Routing of decorative design, 8
Routing of decorative designs, 29-34
Routing to make raised panel doors, 60-69
Routing of plastic laminate, 47
Safety precautions, 44, 69
Screw holes, 12
Screws, l2-13
Semiconcealed hinges, 89-90
Shelves, adjustable, 92-95
Shelves, fixed, 92
Shelves, replacement of 25-27
Skeleton-frame construction, 106-107
Spline joint, 69-73
Sticking, cutting of 62
Stop, 74
Structural changes, 103-109
Stub-tenon joint, 64-66
Studs, location of 108
Table saw, for panel door making, 69-73
Tenon cutting, 64
Tongue-and-lap joint, 20
Veneer tape, 53-57
Water damage, 25-27

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